Reimagine your home designs virtually with AI-driven visualization

Accelerate the purchase and designing process by virtually painting their dream homes. Paint a perfect sync between client, designer and architect



Visualization in interior home decor business brings with it the magic of both AI and creativity. The client was an upcoming interior design firm with a focus to reduce their resource-intensive manual design process. The homeowners and designers run through multiple rounds of design process and alterations which puts a pressure on their time and cost. The client wanted to build a visualization and interactive tool which will bridge the gap between the client and the design team by allowing the clients to virtually design, alter and view their homes. They wanted to bring an automated design process which will bring a fulfilment to the customer and quicken their decision making process.


The design department of our indoor decor client had a huge collection of data pertaining to various indoor decor artifacts like carpets, furnitures, paint options etc. To produce a compelling AR visualisation, the indoor decor artifacts should be converted into an unified digital representation. The process of converting into a unified digital representation is a prohibitively time consuming process. The client tasked us with a automatic way of converting their assets so that they can be visualised using AR and mixed reality tools.


We first identified the types of media in their design team were using, viz images, 3D captures and videos. We then proceeded to define a seperate 3D asset creation pipeline for each type of media document type. Creating 3D content from 3D captures is the most easiest path and used the most recent point cloud manipuation libraries for the same. For images and videos, we used a deep neural network based approach to build 3D content. The 3D content generated from this approach was more than 85% accurate in their reproductions.


The visualization tool that we designed improved their resource efficiency by 20% and the designers were able to work productively. The overall lead time was reduced by 25% and the number of projects conversion increased. The clients were able to bring about an appreciable increase customer satisfaction because of the near-perfect personalization of their home interiors.

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