What is custom software development and how does it help your business

Custom software is known for optimising business operations, improving efficiency of employees and increases customer engagement.

Balasaravanan Venugopal

Custom software development is the process of building tailor made software for the specific needs of a business. The result of the development process is a custom business process software that assimilates all the nuances of your business. It helps to optimise business operations, conserve the effort of your employees and proves to be a delight for your customer.

What is custom software development?

Custom software development is an in-house or offsite project done by a highly skilled software development team from scratch or by integrating various 3rd party software components. A custom software development team usually includes one to two developers who are experienced developers and could also be programmers. This team can be a part of the design team as well as a member of the business operations team. Custom software development is a game changer for a business. It is the fastest way to increase the efficiency of your business process. Your business will have a higher market share because the apps you provide will be at par with the quality of your competitors.

How does it help your business?

Custom software development serves as an extremely cost effective process. The entire process is quicker as you can actually build it faster and in less time. This results in a greater competitive advantage to your business, leading to significant cost savings and upselling. The overall performance of your business is enhanced by reducing the amount of effort required for the maintenance and upgrades. With time, custom software can help to meet the ever changing needs of the industry, thus making it extremely beneficial for small businesses as well as large corporations. On the other hand, when using general purpose software, the nuances in the business process that are very specific to your business might not be captured well. As a result the operational efficiency of the general purpose off the shelf software decreases over time.

What is custom software development process?

Custom software development process will begin with the estimation of the work needed. Experts at Cognitive Machines will list down the major processes that businesses need to do on a daily basis and develop a custom software for them. These processes can be split into a few steps:

Business definition – A business definition includes the end to end vision of the software, its features, expected business outcomes and the resources required to deliver it. You need to be clear about what the business needs before you start the development process.


Software implementation – The software implementation step will encompass the unique business needs and build software modules that address the specific outcomes as described in the business definition process. The process of software implementation is quite straightforward if the business definition phase captures all the required business outcomes.

Who are the benefits of custom software?

Businesses that are well versed with the processes in the industry, but want to make a change in their business processes have been known to opt for custom software development. Custom software development enhances the workflow of your business by streamlining the business processes and by enhancing your customer satisfaction. This process will help you to simplify the decision making of your staff and employees by ensuring that your business processes are fast, seamless, and simple.

Like every business process, business software also has the same basic underlying need. The ability to automate routine tasks and create smarter use of your resources. The resultant business software should be robust, flexible and scalable. This is possible only if you have a framework of a business process already built and integrated with your current software. You can automate the entire workflow in such a way that even a novice of software can use it.

A thorough understanding of business processes and how it impacts your business can help you build a great business process software. Investing in the building of a business process software will not only allow your business to survive but will be a game changer for your business.

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