Top 5 considerations for selecting a custom software development company

You need to consider certain factors before deciding on a software development team. If you're not sure about the factors, just take a look at our list below!

Balasaravanan Venugopal

The number of organizations that outsource their software development is on the rise. There are a variety of factors that have been attributed to this trend, but the most important ones are lack of in-house software expertise, saving development time, compliance considerations and flexibility that outsourcing offers. However, great caution must be exercised when selecting a company to develop your custom software project.

What to look for in a custom software development team? You need to consider certain factors before deciding on a team. If you're not sure about the factors, just take a look at our list below!

Strong portfolio of projects

Portfolio of past projects is the main factor that makes outsourcing firms stand out from each other. Companies use feedback from past projects to decide which one is the best option for them. A strong portfolio of past projects guarantees better quality and less risks for the outsourcing company.

It is very common for software development companies to present a portfolio of past projects to a potential customer. Successful software development companies use this portfolio as a strong differentiator in their pitch.

Team size and composition

There are many factors that influence the success of a software development project. One such factor is the team size. The size of a team doesn’t affect the development process, but it does affect the ability of the team to complete tasks.

It is important to have a proper team size and composition for your project. If you are working on a large number of junior developers, then your project will require more mid-tier developers. A team of only junior developers cannot handle complex features while a team of only senior developers will incur an excessive cost overhead for the project. The best balance is a triangle-like structure with a large number of junior developers at the bottom, mid-tier developers in the middle, and a few leaders on the top.

Software development process

The best way to develop software is the agile process. This method has greatly improved in the last 20 years or so. With it, you are able to release software in increments, with one or two releases every month. It is a dynamic process that works really well for most companies.

The agile method of software development is the process with least friction between business owners and software teams. Usually the software is built in an incremental manner with one or two releases every month. The user feedback is collected and used to improve the product. The engagement with customers allows for a release date even before it's fully developed, which makes the project management much easier for everyone else. This method is not only more efficient but also more entertaining as it provides new updates on a regular basis.


Quality assurance process

Quality assurance is critical for ensuring that the software has met the customer's requirements. It is defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as “part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled.” It is one of the steps taken to produce reliable, high-quality software.

Testing the software will ensure that it meets the requirements. An important part of this process is to work closely with other team members and managers to ensure that all relevant requirements are met. This will help the team to deliver a better product, which will increase customer satisfaction and hopefully bring more clients.

A properly implemented and managed QA process will allow you to develop a quality product, faster and at a higher quality. The software will be free of bugs and errors, and the finished version will be more reliable.

Effective communication skills

Communicating is a necessary skill in many fields, but it's especially important for software developers. When software developers lack communication skills, it is difficult for them to share their ideas and opinions with others. It can cause misunderstanding of the problem, which can lead to low quality products. It’s not just about your language and presentation skills, but also your ability to listen and show empathy. A good communicator is an excellent problem solver and a great team player.

Without good communication skills, the success of a project will be hampered. It is because of this that business leaders and developers must always make an effort to understand one another and communicate effectively.

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