Hire expert software developers from Bangalore, India

Hire expert software developers from Bangalore, India

Scale your technology team

Hire the right talent within 2 weeks

Pre-vetted talent pool of 100+ developers

We help in providing the best remote talent at competetive pricing. Onboarding a software team has never been this quick.

One of the toughest tasks for any business is finding the right talent to fill technology positions. Finding someone with the right skill set and onboarding them to the team can take anywhere between 6 to 10 weeks. Added to that the overhead costs in managing and maintaining the engagement levels of the developers can be challenging. This is a perennial problem for any business whose core business does not consist of software development.

Our remote team from India offers a compelling alternative to businesses that face a talent crunch for technology roles. We are able to onboard the right developer for your project within 2 weeks. As all of our developers are based in India you can benefit from 50% reduction in the developer costs.

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Quicker onboarding

Our pool of software developers are pre-vetted and are ready to deployed on your software development projects. Our selection process is deep and rigorous, so we always deliver the best talent.

Talent pool of 100+ developers

Onboard developers in 2 weeks

Dedicated team with full time commitment

Quicker onboarding
Limited risk

Limited risk

We function as an extended team and will add value through all the stages in the software development cycyle. We also limit the risk from your side which enable you to concentrate on your business.

Simple short term contract

No employer obligations

Free replacements if developers leave

Professional technology team

We have been in the software business for over 6 years and are strong in our technical competencies. Our partnership with Microsoft Azure and AWS are a testament to our professionalism

Experts in full-stack, data and cloud technologies

Quality centric agile project management

Experienced program managers

Professional technology team

Client Testimonials

It is easy to see why we are at the top of our game. Hundreds of companies have switched to us and have never looked back. Our team is so passionate about delivering a superior product, it shows in their work

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Why should you choose us instead of the competition?

More options give rise to more confusion. But, we are unique because of our proprietary agile software development process.

Our software development process helps us to achieve zero delivery slippages and produce an app with impreccable quality. You will see the software grow in front of your eyes. We deliver the application in an incremental manner every 2 weeks. The source code, documentation and final product is visible to you from day one.

Microsoft Gold Partner
AWS Partner
CSM Certified

Trusted Worldwide By Innovation Driven Companies

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Expert Software Developers

We are experts in cloud platforms, web development stacks and mobile technologies. All our employees extensive certification examinations and continuous learning processes to ensure they are up to date on industry leading tools. These are some of the tools that we widely use to deliver our mobile and web apps

Java Spring app development
Python Django app development
Microsoft .NET app development
AWS cloud development
Azure cloud development
Android app developement
iOS app development
Flutter app development

Pricing strategy

Software teams need a good mix of junior to senior engineers to deliver the right value. We have created a 3 tier pricing strategy to deliver the right solutions for your needs.

Junior Level

Junior Level

Between 1 - 3 years of professional experience

Strong competence in one or two technical areas

Less exposure when compared to other tiers

Mid Level

Mid Level

Between 3 - 6 years of professional experience

Strong competence in multiple technical areas

Specialised certification in key technical competencies

Senior Level

Senior Level

Over 6 years in professional experience

Strong technical skills coupled with problem solving ability

Leadership skills in their areas of expertise

You dont need to be a tech genius to find the right tech partner. Download our corporate brochure and we will set you up !

Key Metrics

We are a team that values efficiency, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence in everything we do. We are a high performance team that is passionate about bringing AI and Cloud computing technologies to a larger industry audience. We have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time!


Years in business


Happy clients


Completed projects

2 %

Hire top talent

100 %

Certified team

90 %

Client retentivity