AI development services for small and medium business

AI development services for small and medium business

Innovate and outsmart your competition with AI

Decrease operation costs and increase automation capabilities

Utilise your data to build innovative solutions

Is Artificial Intelligence a good fit for my business?

AI is an effective tool to drive business innovation. Bringing AI into your business can give you a competitive edge not only because of the risk mitigation benefits but also brings about cost reduction opportunities through process innovation. This is especially true in cases where customer service matters most, like with Siri and Alexa

Many organisations have already embraced these benefits or exploring options including how they could be implemented within business processes. AI is a game changer for any business. With our AI development services, it could be yours too.

We provide AI consulting services and manage the full life cycle of an AI product

Building AI models for our clients is what drives us. We have helped many businesses innovate using machine learning solutions from simple statistical models to complex deep neural networks. No challenge will be too difficult for us!

With our deep expertise in machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and natural language processing, we are sure will be able to help effectively. In the past we have built AI applications that understand intent from textual data, recognize objects of interest in images and find patterns in tabular numeric data. Talk to us on how we can help you with our AI consulting services

We are experts in AI and we are the best in the business. We are excited to share our corporate brochure that highlights our expertise

Machine learning development services

Machine learning is a form of AI that enables system to learn from data rather than through explicit programming. The rise of machine learning has created an exciting new way to tackle tough business problems

We provide services around data preparation such has cleaning and normalizing your datasets before training and providing feature engineering tailored towared use cases. Our expert AI developers will help you in building efficient models and deploying them on your software ecosystem

Machine learning development services
Deep learning development services

Deep learning development services

Deep Learning is an exciting advancement in the world of AI. This technique has been used to create powerful AI models which can learn from unstructured data and then mimic how humans think, work or act!

We offer deep learning services where we will build custom neural network solutions with either our in-house GPU machines or cloud GPU machines. We can integrate the custom neural network model on your software system and provide a seamless integration experience

AI Ops - Managing and monitoring AI models

AI models are narrow in their solution capability and it is essential to keep the input data within boundaries. Businesses usually have variations on a theme, which means you need not worry about incorporating all of them into your model at once; just make sure they are there when needed!

The best way for us will be to get started using these powerful tools as efficiently as possible. We provide professional AI consulting services that ensure accuracy throughout any given course or project use

AI Ops - Managing and monitoring AI models

Interested to know how AI can be applied for your business? Download our corporate brochure now!

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Expert AI developers with deep skills in popular AI stacks

We are experts in computer vision, natural language processing, deep learning and machine learning. All our AI developers undergo rigorous certification examinations to ensure they are up to date on industry leading tools. These are some of the tools that our AI development team use to deliver solutions for our clients

Tensorflow AI development
Keras AI development
Torch AI development
Azure ML studio development
AWS Sagemaker development
AWS cloud AI development
Azure cloud AI development


It is easy to get excited about the potential of AI. We have a competetive pricing strategy for our AI consulting services. With our simple and transparent pricing, so you will know what your company can expect without surprises!

Proof of Concept Solution

Proof of Concept Solution

Starting from

$ 35,000

Upto 2 AI models

10 week delivery schedule

Standalone implementation

Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product

Starting from

$ 70,000

As many AI models as required

20 week delivery schedule

Integration with in-house software systems

Customised AI Solutions

Customised AI Solutions

Proprietary data and AI algorithms

Highly customised delivery schedule

Multitude of integration options

We are so excited to share our corporate brochure. Finding an AI technology partner has never been easier!

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